chesstu.behttp://chesstu.beKohanaPHPHoudini 6 PRO Aquarium 2018 (download)Available in the Chessdom shop 17:39:08Fabiano Caruana wins London Chess ClassicThe overall winner of the 2017 Grand Chess Tour was none other than World Champion Magnus Carlsen, who won a clutch game with black pieces against Levon Aronian. This is his second Grand Chess Tour win. 17:07:33WYOC 2017: A minor upset amidst clean sweeps in round 1The World Youth Chess Olympiad 2017 was off to a clean start for all the top seeds. With an average rating of 2509, India Green is clearly the strongest on paper but there was a minor flutter on the first board when the only Grandmaster of the tournament was held to a draw by a [...] 16:54:24Οι μεταγραφές για το 2018Ανακοινώθηκε από την ΕΣΟ το πρακτικό της επιτροπής μεταγραφών για μετακινήσεις σκακιστών κατά την αγωνιστική περίοδο του 2018. Ρίχνοντας μια γρήγορη ματιά η αίσθηση είναι πως οι μεταγραφές φέτος δεν αφορούν μαζικά... 07:57:33The Importance of TacticsI was surprised that Magnus Carlsen missed several tactics in his game yesterday but he did seem a bit out of sorts. Black’s 33…Rxc5 had probably been missed by White and then later he must have missed 36…Qa4!, which was a killer. It all shows the importance of tactics, which is why I do my […] 22:00:22Το fide open στο ΛονδίνοΟλοκληρώθηκε στο Λονδίνο το fide open. Επρόκειτο για μια από τις διοργανώσεις του London Chess Classic 2017 και η δεύτερη σε σημασία μετά το κλειστό με τη συμμετοχή του παγκόσμιου πρωταθλητή και 9 άλλων κορυφαίων στον κόσμο σκακιστών... 16:12:54European Women Individual Chess Championship 2018European Women Individual Chess Championship 2018 will take place in Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia, from 7th to 20th April. The event will be held in a 4* Hotel Bellevue, located in the national park of Vysoke Tatry, as the official hotel and the playing venue of the Championship. The 19th European Individual Women’s Chess Championship is [...] 15:27:465ος Πανελλήνιος Διαγωνισμός Σκακιστικού Σκιτσου στα Καλάβρυτα.Στα πλαίσια των Εκδηλώσεων Μνήμης του Καλαβρυτινού Ολοκαυτώματος ο Σκακιστικός Επιμορφωτικός Όμιλος Καλαβρύτων-Επαρχίας (ΣΕΠΟΚΕ), διοργανώνει (16-17/12/2017) στα Μαρτυρικά Καλάβρυτα τον “5ο ΠΑΝΕΛΛΗΝΙΟ ΑΝΟΙΚΤΟ (ΣΕ ΟΛΟΥΣ)... 13:52:00London Chess Classic – Round 8Round eight of the London Chess Classic started slowly with three early draws but then took a dramatic turn of events that changed the nature of the tournament. Tournament co-leader Fabiano Caruana felt comfortable with his draw believing that a plus two score is needed to at least tie for first. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, who needs [...] 13:00:08Μαθητικό Πρωτάθλημα Κεφαλληνίας στο ΑργοστόλιΗ Ένωση Σκακιστικών Σωματείων Πελοποννήσου σε συνεργασία με τον Σκακιστικό Σύλλογο Κεφαλληνίας προκηρύσσει το «Σχολικό Πρωτάθλημα Κεφαλονιάς 2017». Οι αγώνες θα διεξαχθούν την Κυριακή 17 Δεκεμβρίου στις αίθουσες του... 12:55:17London Chess Classic to host 2018 Grand Chess Tour FinalsThe 2018 Grand Chess Tour will conclude with an exciting new format at the London Chess Classic. The four top‑scoring players will contest a semi-final and final that will determine the overall winner and top 4 places in the 2018 GCT. The format change has been determined by the GCT Advisory Board and was announced [...] 12:47:30Elitism in Junior ChessIn an article in the November British Chess Magazine, GM Aleksandar Colovic bemoans the declining standards in junior chess. Colovic starts by considering various projects involved with putting chess on the curriculum in schools. I share his reservations about this, but not for the same reasons. “…there is one thing”, says Colovic, “that bothers me. […] 22:00:52It’s All Over For Humanity!The news that AlphaZero annihilated Stockfish after practising chess for just 4 hours should give us pause for thought. Humanity basically lost the battle against computers when Garry Kasparov went down against Deep Blue, but now things have moved to a totally different level. I suspect that it could play a simultaneous display against the […] 22:00:12ΕικόνεςΑύγουστος του 1974, ξενοδοχείο Birger-Jarl στη Στοκχόλμη. Πρώτο παγκόσμιο πρωτάθλημα σκακιστικών υπολογιστών. Ελβετικό τεσσάρων γύρων, με 13 υπολογιστές από 8 χώρες. Στη φωτογραφία αριστερά ο Αμερικανός Άλαν Μπέισλι χειριστής... 07:22:35Interview with Robert Houdart, author of the champion engine HoudiniRobert Houdart speaks about a possible match with AlphaZero 05:33:30