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Latest Chess News

  • Anna Cramling plays OTB after a while! #TweetOftheDay | 3 days and 4 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Swedish WFM Anna Cramling played her last over-the-board chess event in January 2020, but now she showed us how close she is to continue with Over-the-board chess! We certainly laughed with Anna’s good humor, but we really do hope to see her over the board soon!
  • Uganda World Cup Qualifiers Chess Tournament 2021 | 3 days and 4 hours ago | Reads: 3
    Uganda World Cup Qualifiers Chess Tournament 2021 has started today in Kampala. The best six Ugandan chess players compete in the event fighting for the World Cup 2021 ticket and the top seed is IM Ssegwanyi Arthur. Read more: Arthur Ssegwanyi wins FIDE zone 4-2 qualifiers for Baku World Cup Starting rank list of players: […]
  • Belarus Chess Championships 2021 | 3 days and 4 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Belarus Chess Championships 2021 launched today in Minsk! 23 participants play a 9 rounds Swiss tournament in the Open section event, and the battlefield is led by GM Aleksandrov Aleksej, GM Fedorov Alexei and GM Stupak Kirill. Read more: Belarus Chess Championship 2018 Full list of participants- Belarus Open Chess Championship 2021: No.   Name […]
  • Jeroen Noomen and GM Matthew Sadler announce TCEC S21 superfinal book cooperation | 3 days and 6 hours ago | Reads: 5
    Season 21 of the Top Chess Engine Championship is starting this May 10th at 17:00 UTC. The event will start with the Qualification League, progress through L4, L3, L2 and L1 stages, and culminate with the Premier Division and the Superfinal. One of the key elements of TCEC is the opening book. Playing at a […]
  • Wojtaszek and Kulon win Polish Chess Championships 2021 | 3 days and 11 hours ago | Reads: 4
    The 78th Polish Individual Open and 73rd Polish Individual Women Chess Championships 2021 took place from April 24- May 8, 2021 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The Open section event was played as a 16 players knockout tournament, where Wojtaszek Radoslaw and Moranda Wojciech entered the finals. After a tied result in the regular two games match, Wojtaszek took […]
  • Belarus “Belaya Ladya 2021” Finals | 4 days and 3 hours ago | Reads: 3
    Belarus National Youth Chess event “Belaya Ladya 2021” Finals concluded today in Minsk. The event gathered 14 teams and 56 young players aged U14. After 7 played rounds according to Swiss system, the Winner Teams are: “Orsha 13” – 13 match points “Rogachev Gymnasium” 9 match points “Minsk Gymnasium” 8 match points During the Closing […]
  • Mitropa Chess Cup 2021 LIVE | 4 days and 4 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Mitropa Chess Cup 2021, the annual team chess tournament for national teams from Central Europe. This year, the Mitropa Cup is played as an Online hybrid event with participation of 10 teams competing in Women’s and Open’s section separately: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Live games from the […]
  • Throwback: 13 year old Magnus Carlsen meets Garry Kasparov, #TweetOftheDay | 4 days and 10 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Going back into time when reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen was a 13 year old talented boy, while he spoke about impressions from the meeting with Chess Legend Garry Kasparov, Carlsen said: “I hope to become a world champion. It has to happen before 2020.” The dream came true in 2013, when Carlsen defeated […]
  • Ukrainian Teams Chess Championship 2021 | 4 days and 11 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Ukrainian Clubs Teams Chess Championship 2021 launched yesterday in Lviv, Ukraine. 128 players compete for their clubs in three events: blitz, rapid and classical. Ukrainian Team Championship 2021 with classical time control is taking place from 6th-12th of May, while blitz and rapid competitions will be played on 13th and 14th of May in the […]
  • Romanian Youth Championship 2021 | 4 days and 11 hours ago | Reads: 3
    Romanian Youth Chess Championships 2021 for boys and girls in groups U8, U10 and U12 are underway in Bucharest. More than 170 talented kids participate in the event and Romania will soon have new National Youth Champions in the respective categories! The Winners will qualify for the Youth European and World Championships, having a chance […]
  • A Foundation for Beginners Seventeen | 4 days and 13 hours ago | Reads: 3
    Last week, we started looking at the opening through the eyes of the beginner playing Black. The key points I made regarding playing Black were that the same opening principles that apply to White hold true for Black as well. We dismissed the idea that White had a big advantage because of having the first … Continue reading "A Foundation for Beginners Seventeen" The post A Foundation for...
  • Indian Qualifiers for the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour | 4 days and 23 hours ago | Reads: 6
    Indian Qualifiers Chess event will take place from 7th-10th May 2021 through chess24, as a qualification tournament for the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. The event gathers 16 participants playing a knockout tournament and the best ranked two players will qualify for a Tour event: GM Adhiban Baskaran 2660 GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2647 GM Sethuraman S.P. […]
  • Kings of Lagos/Nigeria | 4 days and 23 hours ago | Reads: 5
    Nigerian news portal reported today about children learning chess to seek escape from Nigeria’s slums. tells the story of Michael Omoyele, who at the age of 14 has already dealt with food scarcity and needed to work to be able to feed himself. Read the full article here. Read more- Nigerian refugee Tani […]
  • Rewards for Russian Juniors and Trainers | 5 days and 6 hours ago | Reads: 6
    Russian juniors and trainers, members of the Russian National team that won the 1st FIDE Online Olympiad, were awarded in the Educational Centre “Sirius” in Sochi for their contribution to the victory of the Russian national team. Among the awarded players were Andrey Esipenko, Polina Shuvalova, Alexey Sarana and Margarita Potapova, graduates of the chess […]
  • Offerspill Chess Club – interview with Jon Kristian Haarr | 5 days and 6 hours ago | Reads: 6
    Jon Kristian Haarr is the General Manager of the Offerspill Chess Club in Norway. In a detailed interview for he discusses the history of the club, the innovative approach of the Offerspill Online League, the recent first edition of the new season, the role and importance of Magnus Carlsen in the club, and more […]