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Latest Chess News

  • Serbian Chess Federation Chess Festival concluded with National Rapid&Blitz Chess Championships | 05/06/2022 18:01:31 | Reads: 337
    The Chess Festival of the Serbian Chess Federation took place from 31 May – 5 June in Paracin, featuring the 8th Svetozar Gligoric Teams Cup and Serbian Rapid&Blitz Chess Championships 2022.Read more: France crowns Rapid & Blitz Chess Champions 2022 The 8th edition of the Svetozar Gligoric Cup was the first event on the Festival’s […]
  • Aravindh Chithambaram wins 2nd leg of MPL Indian Chess Tour | 05/06/2022 16:40:15 | Reads: 299
    The second leg of the MPL Indian Chess Tour 2022 was played from 2-5 June on 16 players battled over 15 round-robin rounds for the spot in one of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour events. Aravindh Chithambaram won the event scoring 32/42 points and secured his seat in one of the world-renowned events of the Champions […]
  • Spectrum Chess | 05/06/2022 09:00:42 | Reads: 303
    The second of my new chess sites is This site proposes a different sort of chess club for children, although the idea could be used for clubs for players of all ages. My good friend Marie Gallagher (sister of GM Joe Gallagher) and I had both had the same idea, and had, totally independently, … Continue reading "Spectrum Chess" The post Spectrum Chess appeared first on The...
  • Serbia Chess Open 2022 | 04/06/2022 21:41:55 | Reads: 351
    Serbian Chess Federation organizes the International Open Chess Championship of Serbia, called “Serbia OPEN 2022” from June 28th – July 6th. The event will take place in Novi Sad, Master Centre.Read more: Silver Lake Chess Festival 2022 The 2022 Serbia Chess Open features two events: Masters (for players rated 2100+) and Amateurs (for players rated […]
  • The largest chess board in the World set in Norway | 04/06/2022 17:37:50 | Reads: 373
    The MegaChess set from RMD Recuperacion Materiales Diversos built from 800 recycled tires was unveiled today in Stavanger’s Bjergsted Parken, Norway. The chess pieces are made from recycled car tires, weighing up to 240kg, and sit on the 144 squared meter board – the largest chess board in the World. The first move with the giant pieces […]
  • Farrukh Amonatov convincing at the 13th KIIT Chess Festival | 04/06/2022 16:52:06 | Reads: 348
    The 13th KIIT International Chess Festival 2022 took place from 22nd to 29th May 2022 at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. The event was played in 3 categories: A, B (U1900) and C (U1600), with more than 900 participants and the total prize fund of ₹2500000 (~30.000 euros). GM Farrukh Amonatov won the strongest A event scoring […]
  • Andorra Grand Prix and Andorra Open 2022 | 04/06/2022 16:16:02 | Reads: 296
    The 38th edition of the Andorra Chess Open will take place from 24th-31st July in Hotel Panorama Andorra. On Monday, July 25th, the Andorra Chess Grand Prix event will be played in Centre de Congressos d’Andorra la Vella.  The Andorra Open 2022 will be played in 9 rounds, swiss system, with a total prize fund of […]
  • Magnus joins Anand in the lead of Norway Chess 2022 | 04/06/2022 00:34:04 | Reads: 365
    Reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen started slowly at the 2022 Norway Chess, but made a full comeback with two consecutive classical victories. Vishy today lost in Armageddon game against Wesley So to reach 7.5 points and go to the resting day sharing the leadership with Magnus Carlsen. Standings after 4 rounds: 1  Anand, Viswanathan […]
  • Norway Chess Open 2022 kicked off in Stavanger | 04/06/2022 00:22:44 | Reads: 390
    The Norway Chess Open 2022 kicked off today in Stavanger, taking place from 3-10 June in SR-bank’s old building, located between Stavanger Concert Hall and Finansparken, where the Norway Chess super-tournament is being played simultaneously. The event is divided into two groups, master class and ELO class, with the Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa R. heading the […]
  • The first leg of FIDE Women’s Grand Prix to be held in Nursultan | 03/06/2022 17:11:27 | Reads: 315
    Kazakhstan Chess Federation will undertake the organization of the first leg of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix. Its capital, Nursultan, formerly known as Astana, will host the event from September 21 to October 4. While the exact line-up for Nursultan is yet to be defined, the WGP Series 2022-23 will feature a total of 16 […]
  • GM Vasif Durarbayli joins Azerbaijan Olympic Team after 16 years #TweetOftheDay | 03/06/2022 14:28:12 | Reads: 308
    The 2021 Azerbaijan Chess Champion GM Vasif Durarbayli made it to the Azerbaijan National Team after 16 years of a “short break”. Durarbayli debuted at the 37th Chess Olympiad which took place in 2006 in Turin, Italy. He was the reserve player (6th board) and scored 1 point in three games. The Azerbaijan Chess Federation […]
  • A Foundation for Beginners Sixty Three | 03/06/2022 14:13:24 | Reads: 288
    This week, We will look at the some further concepts to consider before engaging in an exchange of material. We’ve looked at removing positional tension and using the relative value of the pawns and pieces to guide you in making good trades or exchanges. This week, we are going to do a deeper dive into … Continue reading "A Foundation for Beginners Sixty Three" The post A Foundation...
  • Azerbaijan announces Teams for 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 | 03/06/2022 14:11:40 | Reads: 405
    The Azerbaijan Chess Federation revealed the National Teams that will represent Azerbaijan at the upcoming 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai. Azerbaijan Team (Open section): GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (2751) GM Teimour Radjabov (2753) GM Gadir Guseinov (2668) GM Rauf Mamedov (2656) GM Vasif Durarbayli (2638) The team with an average FIDE rating of 2683 will […]
  • Ανοίγματα Σκάκι | Εξαιρετικές ΠΑΓΙΔΕΣ με τα λευκά ενάντια στην Σκανδιναβ... | 03/06/2022 13:32:00 | Reads: 292
  • The US Women’s Team for 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 announced | 03/06/2022 13:09:08 | Reads: 484
    The US Chess Federation confirmed the composition of the National Open team a day after Wesley So revealed the squad in the interview at the Norway Chess 2022 and announced who will compose the Women’s Team in the upcoming 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 in Chennai. The US Women’s Team: GM Irina Krush (2430) IM Carissa […]