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Latest Chess News

  • The Great Ones (6) | 23/11/2021 11:30:53 | Reads: 58
    “You always admire what you really don’t understand” Blaise Pascal The chess study I posted at the end of my last column was composed by Alexander Herbstman (April 10, 1900 – May 22, 1982). According to his biography: “Herbstman composed 350 studies during his long career and was among the 6 composers who were awarded … Continue reading "The Great Ones (6)" The...
  • Simply Does It | 21/11/2021 20:30:48 | Reads: 49
    Here’s a recent online rapid game I played against a lower rated opponent. I decided to play a simple opening, make simple moves, create a pawn weakness and win the ending. Exactly how I often lose when playing higher rated opponents. I made one mistake in the game, though, which you might find instructive. It’s … Continue reading "Simply Does It" The post Simply Does It...
  • A Foundation for Beginners Forty Two | 19/11/2021 15:57:23 | Reads: 48
    The time has come to put everything we have looked at over the last two or three months together. While it seems like a lot to cover in a single article, I’m gong to present a simple method for employing the most important of these concepts into your middle-game transition into the endgame. I spent … Continue reading "A Foundation for Beginners Forty Two" The post A Foundation for...
  • The Great Ones (5) | 16/11/2021 19:30:17 | Reads: 49
    “You always admire what you really don’t understand” Blaise Pascal Alexey Alexeyevich Troitsky has been mentioned often in my blog. I am in full agreement with Sam Sloan when he writes in the introduction of his book “Collection of Chess Studies” the following: “… Trotzky is considered to have been the greatest composer of chess endgame … Continue...
  • Third Rank Defence | 14/11/2021 17:44:35 | Reads: 45
    I reached this position with Black in an online blitz game against one of my regular club opponents. It’s White to move. What do you think? A win or a draw? 52. a4 Re2+? I had two moves to draw here: Rg4 and Rg5+, an important point being 52.. Rg5+ 53. Kf6 Rg6+! with stalemate … Continue reading "Third Rank Defence" The post Third Rank Defence appeared first on The Chess Improver.
  • A Foundation for Beginners Forty One | 12/11/2021 20:11:02 | Reads: 43
    Pawn Islands. I forgot to really talk about pawn islands! One of my students, who is reading this series of articles, asked me about pawn islands during a class last week and why I didn’t write more about them. Therefore, that is what we will look at this week. Sorry to put off our student … Continue reading "A Foundation for Beginners Forty One" The post A Foundation for Beginners...
  • Γίνετε ειδικός στην κατανόηση σκάκι και παίξτε ως επαγγελματίας | 12/11/2021 10:06:00 | Reads: 60
  • Deja Vu (4) | 09/11/2021 18:46:25 | Reads: 58
    “Neo: Whoa. Déjà vu. Trinity: What did you just say? Neo: Nothing. Just had a little déjà vu.” The Matrix, 1999 White to move and mate in 4 Hint: the third move is a check My friend Nick had the above posted online. It looked very familiar. I could bet I have seen this puzzle … Continue reading "Deja Vu (4)" The post Deja Vu (4) appeared first on The Chess Improver.
  • Max Lange Attack | 06/11/2021 12:50:30 | Reads: 54
    Last time I mentioned the Max Lange Attack, annotating a game where it might have arisen from a Giuoco Piano. It can also arise from other openings, for instance 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 (the Two Knights Defence) 4. d4 exd4 5. O-O Bc5 6. e5, and 1. e4 e5 2. … Continue reading "Max Lange Attack" The post Max Lange Attack appeared first on The Chess Improver.
  • Prophylaxis | 02/11/2021 22:21:38 | Reads: 55
    “… Weak points – still more, however, strong points – in brief, all the points that we can be grouped together under the collective concept “strategically important points”, must be over-protected…” A Nimzowitsch, My System The above quote summarizes the idea of “prophylaxis to the inside” as described by Nimzowitsch. This covers...
  • A Learner’s Brilliancy | 31/10/2021 15:14:30 | Reads: 62
    A Learner’s brilliancy. Not just any old learner, though. Very specifically, Dr Abraham Learner, a strong amateur who lived and played in Birmingham, Melbourne and Eastbourne over a 40 year chess career. I’ve just been writing about him elsewhere, and thought this 1934 game from a county match was worth annotating. He had the white … Continue reading "A Learner’s...
  • A Foundation for Beginners Forty | 29/10/2021 16:21:22 | Reads: 48
    Alright, we briefly looked at pawn structures over the last two articles. This week, we are going to finish examining pawn structure by looking at pawn majorities and minorities. Again, it is extremely important that you consider pawn structure, and do everything you can to maintain a healthy structure, early in the game. However, we … Continue reading "A Foundation for Beginners Forty" The...
  • “What Say You?” The 1 Minute Challenge (51) | 26/10/2021 11:21:03 | Reads: 51
    “A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer” Bruce Lee A quick reminder how it works: Have a look at the position for 1 minute (watch the clock) Think about the choices in front of you and pick the one you feel it is … Continue reading "“What Say You?” The 1 Minute Challenge (51)" The post “What Say You?”...
  • Run, Harry, Run! | 24/10/2021 23:19:11 | Reads: 51
    Here’s a recent online blitz game against a slightly higher rated opponent. 1. d4 f5 Regular readers will know that I often play the Dutch myself, even though the engines disapprove. I also try a lot of different lines against it with White. 2. Bg5 This is apparently the Hopton Attack, from a game Hopton … Continue reading "Run, Harry, Run!" The post Run, Harry, Run! appeared first on...
  • A Foundation for Beginners Thirty Nine | 22/10/2021 13:00:06 | Reads: 52
    Last week, we examined some concepts you should employ during the transition between the middle and endgame. We briefly touched on the role pawns play. This week and next, I want to really drive home just how important pawns are, not only throughout the game but especially during the endgame (we’ll finish our student game … Continue reading "A Foundation for Beginners Thirty Nine" The...