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Latest Chess News

  • A sunny week in June | 3 hours and 30 minutes ago | Reads: 0
    Early June I played in the Swiss Rapid Chess Masters, a well organised one day tournament in Pfaffikon on Lake Zurich. I received a pleasant surprise on arrival with a gift of a bag of Swiss chocolates waiting for me in my room. The weather was really good and I decided to take a walk […]
  • Chess Olympiad Preview Show: Preparations | 3 hours and 33 minutes ago | Reads: 0
    With only two days to go before the Chess Olympiad Tromsø begins, Susan Polgar reports from the scene on last-minute preparations, taking a look at the venue and artwork by the official Olympiad artist Chris Reddy. Chess Olympiad Tromsø YouTube channel
  • Chess Olympiad Batumi 2018 – Video | 7 hours and 1 minute ago | Reads: 0
    The Georgian Chess Federation is bidding to hold the Chess Olympiad 2018 and the World Cup 2017 in Batumi, a popular resort on the Black Sea. The proposed budget for both events is exceeding 20 million USD. 1,6 million USD is allocated for the travel fund for 80 Nations, while around 2 millions USD will [...]
  • British Championship & Politiken Cup Conclude | 13 hours and 42 minutes ago | Reads: 0
    Everything is finishing up just in time for the Olympiad, which begins August 1. In particular, the British Championship concluded in a tie between Jonathan Hawkins and David Howell, and apparently there was no playoff. They finished with 8.5/11, a point ahead of six other players (including both of the Pert brothers). As for the Politiken Cup, there was no doubt about the winner there. Bu...
  • An Instructive Ending With Bishop Up For A Pawn | 14 hours and 35 minutes ago | Reads: 0
    My student Eric (currently rated USCF 15xx) showed me a recent tournament game of his in which a rather fascinating ending came up. As Black, he had a Bishop and four Pawns versus White’s five Pawns. At first it seemed obvious that this ending should clearly be a win, but actually, it is not so […]
  • Howell and Hawkins share first place in British Championship 2014 | 21 hours and 46 minutes ago | Reads: 0
    The British Individual Chess Championship 2014 took place from 19-30th July at the Aberystwyth University, Penglais Campus, in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. The event was an 11-round Swiss Open, including 59 participants. GM David Howell and IM Jonathan Hawkins share first place on 8,5 points each. Third place was shared in a six-way tie by GM Nicholas Pert, GM Mark Hebden, [...]
  • Tromso Chess Olympiad – Need To Know | 22 hours and 54 minutes ago | Reads: 0
    The organizing committee of the Tromso Chess Olympiad has issued a brochure with the basic information that visitors need to know before and on arrival. Money We strongly recommend exchange of Euro and U.S. dollars to Norwegian currency (NOK) prior to departure – or at Norway’s international airport, Gardermoen. On arrival in Tromsø there will [...]
  • Response to Canadian Fed Prez Drkulec | 1 day ago | Reads: 0
    [ The Chess Talk message board where I posted this reply to Canadian Federation president Vladimir Drkulec yesterday mysteriously shut down hours later. I'm not a suspicious guy, so I'm guessing it was caused by aliens. I'm just posting this in the long-dead Dirt (RIP) so I can send the link to a few people who wanted to read and/or share it. Sorry it's out of context, but it's clear enough. I...
  • 1st Durban Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament | 1 day and 5 hours ago | Reads: 0
    Chess South Africa is organizing the 1st Durban Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament to be held in Durban, South Africa from 20 to 29 September 2014. The event will take place at the International Convention Centre, Durban, concurrently with the FIDE World Youth Chess Championships. The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of Chess [...]
  • GM Sergei Ovsejevitsch claims Martigny Open 2014 | 1 day and 8 hours ago | Reads: 0
    The 23rd edition of the traditional chess tournament Martigny Open was held on 25-28th July 2014 in Martigny, Switzerland. The event was a 7-round Swiss with a time control 90′ + 30″. GM Sergei Ovsejevitsch (UKR) emerged a clear winner with 6/7 points and grabbed the top prize of 1.500 CHF. Second place was shared [...]
  • Guidelines For Teaching Kids Endgames and Tactics | 1 day and 14 hours ago | Reads: 1
    Once a student is familiar with piece movements, attacks, check and checkmate, my next topic is to teach him or her elementary mates. This was explained by Capablanca in his book Chess Fundamentals. “The first thing a student should do, is to familiarise himself with the power of pieces. This can best be done by […]
  • Anogia Open 2014 LIVE! | 1 day and 22 hours ago | Reads: 4
    The 2014 of Anogia Open is taking place from 30th July to 6th August 2014 in Anogia, a municipality in the Rethymno regional unit at the island of Crete, Greece. First seed is GM Vassilis Kotronias (Greece).
  • Bu Xiangzhi convincing in Politiken Cup | 2 days and 2 hours ago | Reads: 2
    Chinese Grandmaster Bu Xiangzhi crushed the opposition in the 2014 Politiken Cup to convincingly take the first place with 9,0/10 points. Bu Xiangzhi won eight games and conceded only two draws to leave the nearest followers a full point behind. He earned 2700 EUR and 24 elo points. The 2014 Politiken Cup took place on [...]
  • Europe Chess Funding – ECU Sponsoring | 2 days and 3 hours ago | Reads: 0
    The “ECU Back to Europe” campaign team, which is nominating Zurab Azmaiparashvilli for the post of ECU President, has issued a proposal for the ECU sponsorship and financing in the period 2014-2018. The proposal includes: - Sponsorship by the privately owned “JSC Bank of Georgia” - Cancellation of ECU President stipends and transfer of funds [...]
  • Chess Olympiad 2014 – the ELO Preview (open section) | 2 days and 6 hours ago | Reads: 3
    A look at the top teams before the start of Tromso 2014 Olympiad