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Latest Chess News

  • The Importance of Middlegame Understanding | 22 hours and 25 minutes ago | Reads: 1
    Look on any internet chess forum and you’ll find much discussion of particular opening variations. The participants will look up similar games and use the latest engines running on fast computers but appear to neglect the most important thing. It is vital, in playing any opening, to understand the sort of middle game it will […]
  • SPF Girls’ Invitational concluded | 1 day and 1 hour ago | Reads: 1
    The 2016 Susan Polgar Foundation Girls’ Invitational was held from 23-28th July at the SPICE Building at Luhr Library Building, Webster University in Saint Louis. Over 600 photos: # Name Rtng Club Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot 1-4 Alice Dong 2112 NJ W35 W28 W27 L5 W19 [...]
  • Vladimir Sakotic linked with ghost ECU in Delaware | 1 day and 13 hours ago | Reads: 2
    Each such invoice coming from Vladimir Sakotic contains the same bank account: A Banka DD Ljubljana, Slovenska 50, Ljubljana, Slovenia; European Chess Union, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewis Delaware.
  • Where Is There An Opening? | 1 day and 22 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Bodhi is originally without any tree; The bright mirror is also not a stand. Originally there is not a single thing — Where could any dust be attracted? – Huineng, 6th Partiarch of Zen Buddhism In Huineng‘s day, the Sutras, the sacred scriptures of Buddhism, were hand-written and brought to China by traders from India […]
  • FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman claims 14th Dubai Juniors Chess Tournament – Maktoum Bin Hamdan Cup | 2 days and 7 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Fide Master (FM) Mohammad Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh crowned himself this year’s champion of the 14th Dubai Juniors Chess Tournament – Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup following an exciting final-round victory over the UAE’s Candidate Master (CM) Omran Al Hosani on Tuesday at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club. Official website Rahman’s English Opening [...]
  • Schachgesellschaft Riehen enters European Club Cup 2016 | 2 days and 15 hours ago | Reads: 2
    Schachgesellschaft Riehen from Switzerland is the first club to have completed the registration for the 2016 European Chess Club Cup. Schachgesellschaft Riehen lineup: GM Heimann Andreas GM Cvitan Ognjen IM Georgiadis loannis IM Brunner Nicolas IM Buss Ralph Schmidt-Schaeffer Sebastian Erismann Peter – captain The 2016 European Chess Club Cup (open and women) will be [...]
  • Serbia in the turmoil with European Championships | 2 days and 16 hours ago | Reads: 3
    Following the police investigations in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia and in connection with bank accounts in Slovenia and chess offshore companies in Delaware, the question of corruption in chess will apparently be raised in Serbia too. According to the information from Serbia, a second criminal charge against the former president of Serbian Chess Federation Miroslav Kopanja [...]
  • FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Thessaloniki, Greece | 2 days and 16 hours ago | Reads: 4
    A FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar is going to be organized from 3 to 9 October 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece, by the Chess Club of “Galaxias” and the Chess Academy of Sykeon-Neapolis, in cooperation with the Greek Chess Federation and the Thessaloniki-Halkidiki Chess Clubs’ Union and under the auspices of FIDE. The Lecturer will be IA Viron [...]
  • The Passed Pawn – Underpromotion | 2 days and 22 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Last week, we looked at the passed pawn in general. Promoting a passed pawn usually ends the game in favour of the promoter as it creates huge material imbalance if the pawn becomes a queen. But this is not always the case! Sometimes underpromotion is necessary in order to checkmate the opponent king and to […]
  • Dutch Open Chess 2016 LIVE! | 3 days and 16 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Live games with analysis
  • Andscacs on par with Stockfish and Komodo after round 3 | 3 days and 18 hours ago | Reads: 4
    Houdini 5 impresses at the start
  • A Future World Championship Match | 3 days and 22 hours ago | Reads: 5
    One particularly interesting encounter from the Bilbao Masters was the game between Magnus Carlsen as White against the Chinese prodigy, Wei Yi. Here is the game, nicely analyzed by Jan Gustafsson: Nigel Davies
  • FM Mohammad Rahman leads 14th Dubai Juniors Tournament with one round to spare | 4 days and 4 hours ago | Reads: 5
    Mohammad Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh maintains half-point lead after eighth-round draw with top-seed Viktor Matviishen of Ukraine in the 14th Dubai Juniors Chess Tournament. Fide Master (FM) Mohammad Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh survived a tense battle against Ukrainian top-seed FM Viktor Matviishen to eke out a draw in Monday’s eighth round and maintain his slim lead [...]
  • Turkish Chess Super League 2016 LIVE! | 4 days and 14 hours ago | Reads: 6
    Live games with analysis
  • Καλοκαιρινό τουρνουά Rapid Αλισσός 2016 | 4 days and 18 hours ago | Reads: 7
    Ο ΑΟ ΠΟΣΕΙΔΩΝ ΚΑΤΩ ΑΛΙΣΣΟΥ σε συνεργασία με τον ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΤΙΚΟ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟ ΑΛΛΙΣΑΙΩΝ Ο ΠΕΙΡΟΣ προκηρύσσουν ατομικό RAPID 5 γύρων, με διεθνή αξιολόγηση την Τετάρτη 03/08/2016 και ώρα 17.00 στην πλατεία μπροστά από το πρώην κοινοτικό...